Introducing…Crayola Colors of the World

We were recently introduced to Crayola Colours of the World range and I am so glad to be able to introduce this to you.

When I showed my children the collection, I received a – ‘Finally, thank goodness!’

And yes, this has been a long time coming.

It’s not been easy trying to represent different races through different skin and hair tones with crayons (Painting is a little easier as you can mix colors to suit). Thanks to Crayola, this is no more.

The Colours of the World collection has different skin and hair tones to accurately represent themselves and promotes creativity and self expression.

We had so much fun trying them out especially since Crayola also sent us a lot of other products from their range to keep us occupied during this last month of the summer vacation.

Here are the colours that are in the set of 24 crayons –


Crayola Colors of the World crayons


The 32 count features hair and eye colors in addition to the skin tone colours contained in the 24 count set.

Aeryn was excited to get started and create her #TrueSelfie



We also had some other Crayola products sent to us to get us through summer and I can’t believe how quick the vacation went by. We look forward to the new school year armed with our favourite color pencils and markers from Crayola.



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