Mind The Gap – Board Game Review

With the children being on devices for long periods of the day due to online learning, we have been trying hard to get them involved in activities that don’t involve screens. We ‘try’ not to go on devices after dinner and most often play some board game or the other.


One of the most recent games that we tried is Mind The Gap. For all my British friends, this would be a familiar saying especially if you’ve travelled in the underground in London. But, it has nothing to do with that.

Mind The Gap is a game about the ‘generation gap’! And it is so much fun.

The game works like this – you choose a team or play single and choose a generation – Boomer, Gen X, Millennial, Gen Z. You start off at one generation and then travel around the board across generations to come back to the generation you started on. You move along the board by answering questions across different categories – TV shows, movies, music, slang and news/events.

And you also have a challenge category which involves dancing or humming a tune across all generations.

What we thought –

We absolutely love the game. It is entertaining and it makes you think. The questions are fun and there are questions that even the younger ones can answer. In fact, there were a few questions that my 9-year-old helped us with.

In terms of pricing too, the game is good value for money as it involves many hours of game play.

I would definitely recommend purchasing the game for family board games library. This will be so much fun over the holidays especially if you have family over. (or even over a Zoom call)

It is priced at $29.99 and is available on Amazon 


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