Gregg’s chicken Bake Recipe – Tried and Tested

Greggs Chicken Bake

We would love going into Greggs in the UK for a quick snack or lunch when we were shopping on the high street. Steaming hot sausage rolls, chicken bakes, doughnuts (we love the caramel custard ones – my mouth waters just thinking of it) and the cupcakes with the rings that change to suit the season. Greggs Chicken Bake is our go-to favourite.  Being in the US means we miss these little nuances that were part of our lives. I miss it terribly. But unable to walk into a Greggs shop doesn’t mean that we cannot have a chicken bake …

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British Butterfly Cakes

I first came across these butterfly cakes when my sister-in-law was making them with my niece and they have been a firm favourite ever since. I’ve made them with my children and they have always been a huge hit. Perhaps it’s the additional frosting that added to the cake or just the butterfly wings. Whatever it is, we love them. I have also filled the cakes sometimes with lemon curd and those are just delicious. In fact, that would be my favourite. It’s a simple recipe. I added a few extras to make it soft and fluffy. Ingredients 175 g …

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How to Pick a Fruit that’s Truly Ripe

In recent years, scientists have switched from their recommendations for five-a-day to now suggest each of us should be aiming to eat 10 portions of fruit and veg a day. The natural result is that many people are now working hard to incorporate as much fruit as much into their diets as they can. We are drinking it, companies like Fruitful Office are delivering it straight to the workplace and some people are even adopting fruitarianism, a diet that consists entirely or primarily of fruits, which is not something we’d recommend. But with fruit now sourced from all around the world to …

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Victoria Sponge Recipe

You can’t go wrong with a Victoria Sponge – jam and cream sandwiched between two sponge cakes. This is a cake you can serve as a dessert or with high tea. And what I love about this you can give it your own take (of course to an extent) to make it your own. The filling and be buttercream or fresh cream – I always prefer the fresh cream version. And you can also add fresh fruit to it – I love adding strawberries to it. Ingredients 100g self-raising flour 100g caster sugar 100g butter, melted 2 eggs 1 tbsp …

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Easy Egg and Avocado on Toast Breakfast

Breakfast always seems to be the most difficult meal of the day to plan. Yes, there are easy to do instant oats and cereals from a box but we normally keep those for school mornings when we are in a rush. We miss British breakfasts – muffins, bagels, crumpets etc In the US, all the bread products seem to be sweet. But, since we’re here to stay, we’ve got to make the most of what we have. Enter – Avocado on Toast. Avocado is cheap and abundant here in California. Thank goodness the kids love it because personally I’ve found …

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Potato Salad using Bertolli with Butter and Olive Oil

I love cooking with olive oil and I also love to use butter in my cooking. How nice to be sent some delicious Bertolli with butter and olive oil to try out. This is ideal for cooking or spreading and gives a lovely flavour to any meal. I was asked to create a recipe with the Bertolli spread and I decided that with the weather hotting up as it was, it was perfect for a Potato Salad. Of course the potato salad would be served as an accompaniment to a barbecue. You can’t have high temperatures and not have a …

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