A Visit to Lake Gregory Regional Park, California

We’ve been in lockdown for 2 months now and I can’t wait to be able to get out and visit some of the lovely places we’ve visited in the past. If you’re in SoCal, Lake Gregory is a must visit when cabin fever hits and you have to step out.

Living in Southern California doesn’t mean it has to be scorching all the time as we’ve now found out. A short drive (well about 90 minutes from LA) and you could well be up in the mountains with spectacular sceneries and SNOW!! Yes, Snow!!

We are always looking for places to visit where we can walk around – we’ve gotten so used to driving everywhere.

Lake Gregory Regional Park is where we visited recently and the views were just stunning.


We followed a 2.5 mile trail around the lake. It was beautiful and a little tiring as we don’t do much walking as we used to in the UK. I think we also took a wrong turn somewhere so we ended up walking more that the normal trail.

Lake Gregory Regional Park

The walk was SO worth it with these gorgeous views.

I realize that I’m more of a mountain person than I ever knew. I love the cool, breathable air. It’s so exhilarating.


Lake Gregory

Since it was February, when we visited, there was snow on the ground and some paths were icy so we had to be careful of not slipping.

It was also not very busy so we didn’t have to navigate around people which is perfect for this time of social distancing.


There is parking on site too and restrooms.

If you want to know more about the Park – here’s the link  – http://parks.sbcounty.gov/park/lake-gregory-regional-park/


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